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When to open Tenerife for foreign tourists

In this article we will introduce you to the updated rules for the entry of foreign tourists to the Canary Islands, Spain.

When to open Tenerife for foreign tourists

When to open Tenerife for foreign tourists

Updated rules for entering Spain

We all have come off returning to normal and full-fledged life. So when will the Tenerife open for foreign tourists? Many countries have passed Pandemic Pandemic-19 and people can move within the country. But still, for a full rest and impressions, we all want to change the situation and visit other countries. One of the most attractive countries remains Spain and in particular the Canary Islands. In this article we will introduce you to the updated rules for the entry of foreign tourists to the Canary Islands, Spain.

Visiting Spain by citizens and residents of third countries

On Saturday, June 5, 2021, changes were published (Orden Int / 552/2021, dated June 4, 2021) concerning Spain visits by citizens and residents of third countries. It is allowed to enter the territory of the European Union and the Schengen zone the following categories of citizens of non-Euro-Union countries:

– Residents of the European Union, Schengen countries or Andorra, heading towards their place of residence;
– Owners of long-term visas (Titulares de Un Visado de Larga Duración), meaning a visa that allows you to stay in the country for more than 90 days) issued by the EU country or a Schengen zone heading into this country;
– Medical and patronage workers in the framework of official duties;
– Crews of ships and aircraft, cargo carriers;
– Employees of diplomatic services, international and humanitarian organizations, servicemen who fulfill their duties;
– Students heading to the place of classes (with all verses and / or permits);
– Highly qualified workers to perform urgent work, which cannot be remotely accomplished, as well as the highest category athletes heading for competitions, etc. to Spain (you need to confirm documented)
– Persons who are traveling on family circumstances of special importance in documenting confirmation;
– In the case of a force majeure situation, the situation of extreme necessity or by humanitarian reasons, with documentary confirmation;
– Residents of countries from the list of permitted countries (see below)
– Vaccination certificates from coronavirus recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Health.
These rules are valid from 00.00 June 7, 2021.

Receiving tourists

According to the reception of tourists, the requirements also changed. Now, instead of a test with a negative result made 72 hours before arrival, one can present a recognized vaccination certificate or a certificate that Sovid got over. However, while the Russian vaccine satellite V is not included in the list of certified vaccine in Spain.

Until June 30, 2021 Except the EU countries, the borders of Spain are open to:

1. Australia
2. Israel
3. Japan
4. New Zealand
5. Rwanda
6. Singapore
7. South Korea
8. Thailand.
9. United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
10. China

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