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What are the most popular attractions in Tenerife?

What is attractive island of Tenerife? Why is it worth to visit Tenerife?
Family holiday. Beach vacation. Unique parks

Popular Attractions Tenerife

The sunny island of Tenerife hospitably welcomes tourists all year round, attracting them not only with magnificent beaches and the natural beauty of the cliffs buried in verdure, but also with local attractions. It will be comfortable for lovers of antiquities, extreme sports, open-air museums, water parks and unusual excursions. For those who are looking for a place to walk in Tenerife, the National Park and the Botanical Garden will be interesting.

What to see in Tenerife?

Guimar pyramids are considered the most mysterious object of the island, the mystery of which has not yet been solved by scientists. By their structure, the pyramids are very similar to those found in South America.

The volcano Teide is the highest hill in Spain, it is located in the eponymous national park. At its top there is an observation deck that offers a breathtaking view of the Canary Islands. You can climb the mountain by cable car.

The Loro amusement park combines an oceanarium, a dolphinarium, a zoo and a botanical garden and is an excellent option for a family vacation. Siam Park is currently the largest water park in Europe, it consists of 25 different slides and reminds Thai resorts with its design.

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Lago Martianes Park was built, consisting of several artificial islands with a huge pool in the center. This is a small resort with cozy restaurants, a promenade and terraces, which has its own unique infrastructure. Foreigners with real estate in Tenerife often come here for a beach holiday.

The concert hall in the capital of the island is an example of modern architecture and is built in the shape of a crescent. The structure is designed in such a way that during the concert the spectator can enjoy the views of the ocean.

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