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Traveling in Tenerife by car

We bring to your attention some important tips for those who are going to Tenerife or already resting here. Our tips will help you to remember what you need to pay attention on vacation when you travel around the island by car. We hope that this information will help you optimize financial costs and time. Forewarned is forearmed.

Orientation on the island:

Upon arrival at Tenerife Airport, we recommend that you use the free island map, which is issued to all arrivals after passing through passport control. If you have not received it, this is not a problem; at the reception in almost any hotel you can take it for free or buy it in a store. The map will show the main hotels and tourist sites. If you have internet in your mobile phone, then Google maps are very well adapted in Tenerife, and the application works well, which does not require an Internet connection and is one of the best map applications adapted on the island. Soon you will begin to navigate quite well on the island. If you are still lost, contact any taxi driver, call your hotel or the place you need, they will help you.

Car rental in Tenerife:

An inexpensive and practical way to get to Tenerife is to rent a car. You need a driver’s license and passport. We recommend considering a small car. Parking spots in Tenerife, street parking and parking races are quite narrow, so it’s more convenient to use small cars. The car park in Tenerife is mainly with a manual gearbox. When ordering a car as early as possible, you increase your chances of getting a car with an automatic transmission, which makes traveling in Tenerife more comfortable, where the descent is replaced by an ascent and there are almost no flat places. The cost of renting a car from 15 euros per day.

Car driving:

– Some tourists are afraid to drive a car in an unfamiliar place, especially in Tenerife, where there are narrow roads, many steep descents and ascents, roundabouts. At first glance, the denouement and other features are incomprehensible. Of course, all this requires several days of getting used to, but after that, you will get real pleasure from traveling around the island by car.
We do not recommend driving along a mountain serpentine immediately, although it is not difficult, but there are places where you will need good driving skills, for example, a serpentine to the village of Mask.

– An important rule while driving in Tenerife is compliance with the speed limit. Take your time, when you drive 20-40 km per hour, you will not be reproached by local drivers, they have long been accustomed to tourists. Compliance with the speed limit will save you and your family health and money. The fines in Tenerife are really high.

– When parking the car, avoid leaving the car on the yellow lines, the tow truck will appear so quickly that you will be very surprised. This will save you money and most importantly, time and mood on vacation. Just pay attention to the parking sign, parking can be allowed for a period of not more than 20 minutes, etc.

– Refuel a full tank if you are going to go to Teide, to Anagu, especially to Taganana and generally to the mountains. Although there are some gas stations along the Teide road, they can work until 16.00 or not work at all.
The cost of fuel in Tenerife is by far the cheapest in Europe, about 1 euro.

A few safety rules for car enthusiasts:

  • You need to have documents for the car, car rental agreement, rights;
  • Do not drive after drinking alcohol; 0.25 ppm permitted will not be in your favor in any situation;
  • Do not leave documents and things in the car in the cabin, especially valuable: photos and video cameras, mobile phones, bags, etc .;
  • While driving on the road, you can stop only in special areas – the “service area”;
  • In the event of a car malfunction on the road, everyone should leave the car, put on a special vest, and put an emergency stop sign. Call a car rental company representative and wait for help to arrive;
  • If a policeman stops you, do not get out of the car;
  • Do not park on yellow lines under prohibition signs;
  • Do not exceed speed;
  • Use seat belts;
  • Do not talk mobile while driving


Use Google Maps navigation built-in to your mobile phone or tablet efficiently and simply. To do this, you will need an Internet connection, which can be obtained by buying a SIM card from a local telecom operator or using special tariffs for the Internet in roaming, which are now provided by all leading telecom operators in Russia. The application also works well, which does not require an Internet connection and is one of the best navigation applications adapted on the island.

Do not lose concentration while driving and you will get a lot of positive emotions for yourself and your loved ones. Have a good trip!

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