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Tenerife returns to normal live

Transition to a new normality

In Spain, a period of “new normality” began, on June 22, the so-called phase 4. Recall that the state of emergency began on March 14, 2020, and now, residents of Spain can return to almost normal life while maintaining a number of restrictions, of course, until a coronavirus vaccine will be invented or an effective treatment regimen created.

Sanitary standards

The mask, still one of the main attributes, is required to wear in stores, public transport and other public places, maintaining a distance.

Free move, travel

Now there is the possibility of free movement around the country, using protective equipment naturally. Companies that have resumed their work must comply with all sanitary requirements and provide a distance of 1.5 – 2 meters.

With the imposition of phase 4, Spain opens borders with the countries of the Schengen zone, with the exception of Portugal. What is wrong with Portugal? Portugal decided to open its borders on July 1, when the EU will open not only internal borders, but also external ones. That is, from July 1, Spain and the islands can be visited not only by citizens of the European Union.

At arrival airports, for example, in Tenerife, several levels of control are established, arrivals must inform security officers about the place of residence, pass temperature control, and answer the question “how do you feel”. All this is done quickly, without a significant loss of time and inconvenience to passengers.

What awaits vacationers who will visit Tenerife in the near future

Excellent weather, warm ocean, open beaches, walks along the embankments. There are cafes, hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping centers. In general, there is everything for a full life, but not for a good rest.

The opening dates of popular parks in Tenerife such as Siam Park, Loro Park, Aqua Land have not yet been determined. Many hotels are still closed, large restaurants are the same, But the apartment rental sector is already actively working, there is the possibility of choosing houses, villas for rent at competitive prices. In the coming months of July and August, we expect a gradual return of tourists to Tenerife and, like the whole world, the speedy return of Spain and the whole world to a full life.

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