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How to be a Great Host for Renters

How to be a great host for tenants

We have chosen some simple steps that each host can take to make hosting a reward rather than a chore.

“Some of our most enthusiastic hosts are so devoted to their guests who spend an unforgettable vacation that they have to find their time and resources for themselves,” says Irina. “They are givers, and sometimes givers are too keen on this business.”

Define your goals

Are you hosting primarily to make money? For communication? To create more art or share the food you love to cook? Then it is important to understand and feel how hosting is consistent with these goals and supports them. For Irina, hosting with Airbnb began as a means to save her apartment. She says the original goal was to provide a great, affordable place to stay in the desirable area of ​​Amariya Golf and to give guests the opportunity to live as a resident of Tenerife. “I’m proud to be able to share this.”

Surround yourself with resources

And by resources, Irina means those that you can “pinch” when, for example, “you need to get the keys to someone at 2 pm”. when you work in an office all over the city. This includes a community of friends, like-minded neighbors, cleaning services or a few people who are willing to work part-time or per diem, barter or accept payment for cleaning, handing over keys and a greeting when you cannot do it yourself.

2 thoughts on “How to be a Great Host for Renters

  • Laura
    on 19/05/2020

    In the past, these types of services have been used largely by thrifty tourists looking for the cheapest place they can find in a particular city. Now, however, more and more business travelers and professionals are looking to Rentals MCM for a unique and memorable experience.

  • Jenny
    on 21/05/2020

    Rentals MCM has been the best platform for me because of the people that I met, the money that i make, if any problem comes up costumer service is ALWAYS there. Literally the guys are trying their best! My profile has over 160 reviews and all my listings are book 3 months ahead!


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