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Climate in Tenerife: the eternal spring in a paradise

A brief overview of the climatic features of the largest of the Canary Islands and its attractiveness to property buyers from this point of view

Canaries weather. Climate Tenerife: eternal spring in a paradise

It so happened that in many countries, especially in its northern part, does not please with its duration. On dull gray days, when light rain is drizzling or snow is falling outside the window, I want to drop everything and go anywhere in search of sun and heat. One such refuge from the impending autumn blues can serve as the island of Tenerife.

Island of eternal spring

No wonder Tenerife is known as the island of eternal spring. The climate here can not be uniquely attributed to either tropical or subtropical. It is soft at any time of the year. The temperature difference between the coldest and warmest month does not exceed 7 ° C, reaching a maximum in July, when the air can warm up to +27 ° C, while the water temperature is constantly within +20 ° C, so the summer transition in autumn, and autumn in the winter here passes almost unnoticed. Rains on Tenerife are extremely rare, and even those that happen are more reminiscent of the “mushroom” rain, which is familiar to Russians, and not tropical rainfall. Nevertheless, the climate on the island is not as monotonous as it may seem at first glance.
According to some estimates, there are up to 28 microclimatic zones in Tenerife, each of which has its own vegetation and weather, so that during a brief journey you can find an abundance of the most diverse, but certainly magnificent landscapes. While on the plains and the coast reigns eternal spring or mild summer, high in the mountains is almost always cool, so if you are going on an excursion to Teide volcano in winter, do not forget the sweater, because this is the only place on the island where you can see the snow.

Climate features Tenerife

Among the climatic features of Tenerife, one fantastic phenomenon can be distinguished, in the formation of which the main role is played by the trade winds, providing a favorable climate in the coastal belt of the island. We are talking about the ocean of clouds, which occurs when the masses of humid air pass in the depressions between the mountain ranges. Most often, this phenomenon can be observed in the north and northeast of Tenerife, when, rising to an altitude of 600 to 1800 meters, you find a moving snow-white ocean at your feet. An unforgettable sight!

So, if you are only thinking about buying property in a place that will allow you to forget about the cold and anguish of the autumn-winter season, you may be looking for Tenerife, because on this island you can choose the weather according to your mood, just moving from your place into place.


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